Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HERE is my baby....she LOVES softball and has played since she could lift a bat. :-) I could'nt be more proud than I am of this young lady. She is on this travel team(if you click the team pic) that is amazing! My summers have been full of running across the country watching her and let me tell you, I would have it NO other way. Kalynn is now 16(yep, just got her driver license..ugh!) and has been the starting catcher for her high school Varsity softball team both freshman and sophmore years. Not only has she excelled in sports, but her grades always keep her on the honor roll. She works a part-time job AND helps with her siblings...She is my inspiration

She is the in the second row, furthest to the left of your screen.. :-) Isnt she gorgeous!!! :-)
I have a new set that is listed but it is ending tonight...take a peek if you get a chance...

I also have a sample listed and will probably be taking a break here pretty soon, our annual vacation is coming up and try to pack 2 kids(the oldest is going to a softball tourney) 2 adults for camping for 10 days AND sew? nahh, I dont think I can even pull that off! :-)