Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well it was a big day in the life of Raina yesterday. GYMNASTICS AND DANCE!! Oh my gosh was she excited. I didn't think we would make the entire 7 days from the point I "told" her she was going until the actual day...
Now most of my experience comes from being a sofball mom and a baseball mom, so this aspect is totally new for me as well. It almost seemed like I was the one going? haha
However, the dance and gym studio was VERY clear about parent spectating. The picture that you see here? I had to sneak up to the door and peek around the corner with my camera...yes it was SOOO obvious to the other moms it was our first time..but how could I not get a photo? It just was unthinkable not to have something? right? A friend of mine was concerned by this "rule" however, their explanation was that if moms and dads were to be watching, the kids would be distracted by thoughts of being seen for each and every attempt. Not like we havent heard the "mom WATCH" yes, I totally understood and was relieved that there are two weeks during the nine week sessions that allow us to "spectate" hehe AND a gymnastics program along with the dance recital in June!! yay!! so i will be posting some much clearer photos in just a few weeks. :-)
(now because I am not familiar with the moms and dads, i have spotted out the other kiddies sharing without permission!! :-)

Today I finally got a bunch of listing up... I have noticed that the economy is really hitting us all and thought I would give my customers and possibly new customers a treat. I made 8 Christmas sets, I started ALL of them at .99 and there are no reserves. :-) Take a peek if you get a chance!! Dont miss this deal!

Here is the link to all the auctions: